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Mobile Website Design Icon Did you know that recent studies predict that sometime in 2014, the number of people using mobile devices to access the Internet will equal those using desktops? It's not surprising. Wherever you are, look around and you are bound to see almost everyone clung to their smartphones.

How does this affect your law firm? Actually, it's not just law firms but just about any business with a web presence. The problems boil down to these:

  • People using their smartphone to access your website are typically doing so for different reasons than a person using a desktop computer. Displaying the same website (with the same content) to both types of visitors is not optimal.
  • The relative small size of the smartphone can make it impossible for a person to see and interact with your standard website.
To create a mobile-friendly website, the process begins by carefully analyzing your current site. We then create content for the mobile site, being careful to keep it short and simple and use images sparingly. Easy touch buttons are created to make it easy for visitors to contact you and to find you using the map on their mobile device.

Key Benefits

  • Targeted Content

    Presents targeted content optimized for what mobile visitors are looking for (and nothing more), and provides clear call-to-actions.

  • Designed for Small Screens

    Content and navigation that is tailored toward small screens allows your mobile visitors to read and engage with your mobile website by way of larger fonts and buttons instead of links.

See the Difference

Below are two smartphones, one displaying a full website not optimized for mobile visitors, and one that is. Notice how the phone on the left forces the website to fit the phone's screen width, causing the text to be unreadable and the navigation to be unusable. The phone on the right, optimized for mobile, displays larger text and makes use of buttons for easy touch-based navigation.

Mobile vs Desktop

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