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Content Writing Icon"It's all about the content!" That's what you hear when you hear about websites and their ability to attract and keep the attention of its visitors. And it's true! Not only does your site need to have an appealing look and feel, it must also contain the information and content that people are looking for, and present it in an interesting way.

So many law firm websites follow the same old formula of just answering "who are we?", "what do we do?", "how to contact us" and leave it at that. They really present no other useful information. Other than probably a long list of practice areas, awards and cases won, education, accreditations, and so on, a potential client isn't really given a sense of why they should choose your firm over another.

This is where our content writing service comes into play. We know how to write content that is properly targeted to your firm's desired audience. We know what type of content will interest your visitors - content that provides genuinely useful information without coming across as a sales pitch for your firm. This builds trust and interest in your firm.

Above all else, the goal of having professionally written, optimized content is to build your client base and ultimately realize a return on your website and Internet Marketing investment. Visioneer Consulting has a proven track record of achieving these goals.

Manage Your own Content

All of our sites are built using an advanced content management system (CMS). The content management system makes it relatively easy to add and remove content such as text and images from the site on a real-time basis.

While we find that most firms prefer to have us manage their content, the ability is there for you to manage your own. We can provide training on how to do it, if you wish to take this option.

Key Benefits

  • Consistency

    Present a consistent, friendly and personalized feel to the website's content.

  • No Legalese

    Content is written from the perspective of the typical visitor who would browse your site, not from an attorney's prospective.

  • Educate Your Visitors

    Anticipate questions that a visitor to your site might have and answer them via the content.

  • Builds Trust

    Build trust with potential clients by proving your expertise and by providing interesting content they won't find on competitor websites.

  • Important for SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factors are heavily considered for all content that is written so as to make use of desired keywords.

For More Information

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our services and how we can help with your firm's website and Internet Marketing strategy.

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Our Work

We specialize in website design and Internet Marketing for law firms, however we have also designed sites for retail, e-commerce, and non-profit organizations.

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Visioneer Consulting provides high quality websites, search engine optimization and social media marketing services to law firms and attorneys.

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